Kravet Logo Innovation, luxury, style and superb craftsmanship are the fundamental philosophies of Kravet Inc, a privately held, fifth generation American family business established in 1918.  Working exclusively with the interior design trade distributing fabrics, wallcoverings, furniture, carpets and accessories, Kravet has expanded from a small fabric house to a global leader, representing exclusive brands and famous designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein and Jonathan Adler.
Kravet - Modern Luxe
Luxury Found Moonstruck SKU 33540.11
Luxury Found Moonstruck
Design Code: 33540.11
Envisioned Platinum SKU ENVISIONED.611
Fabric: Envisioned Platinum
Design Code: ENVISIONED.611
Kravet - Jonathan Adler
Braque Blue SKU 33781.516
Braque Blue
Design Code: 33781.516
Anton Aquamarine SKU ANTON.5
Anton Aquamarine
Design Code: ANTON.5
Thom Filicia Collection - Kravet
Edtim Linen SKU 32793.16
Edtim Linen
Design Code: 32793.16
Lamson Graphite SKU 32792.21
Panel Fabric: Lamson Graphite
Design Code: 32792.21
Thybony Wood Circle None SKU WSP6359.WT
Thybony Wood Circle None
Design Code: WSP6359.WT
Meachem Stone SKU 32797.11
Meachem Stone
Design Code: 32797.11
Meachem Stone SKU 32797.11
Meachem Stone
Design Code: 32797.11
Tousey Quarry SKU TOUSEY.424
Fabric: Tousey Quarry
Design Code: TOUSEY.424
Trim: Broadfield Chartreuse
Design Code: T30655.3
Sandy Pond Smoke SKU SANDY POND.11
Fabric: Sandy Pond Smoke
Design Code: SANDY POND.11
Trim: Camillus Linen
Design Code: T30656.106
Kravet - Sarah Richardson
Woodlawn Stone SKU WOODLAWN.11
Fabric: Woodlawn Stone
Design Code: WOODLAWN.11
Trim: Denman Clay
Design Code: 33008.12
Poetry Platinum SKU 31879.11
Poetry Platinum
Design Code: 31879.11
Highpoint Coral SKU HIGHPOINT.12
Highpoint Coral
Design Code: HIGHPOINT.12
Cottingham Coral SKU COTTINGHAM.12
Cottingham Coral
Design Code: COTTINGHAM.12
Kravet - Modern Luxe
Baby Alpaca Platinum SKU 33272.21
Baby Alpaca Platinum
Design Code: 33272.21
Rare Coin Silver Gold SKU 33557.411
Rare Coin Silver Gold
Design Code: 33557.411
Animal Allure Copper SKU 32515.416
Animal Allure Copper
Design Code: 32515.416
SKU 30444.111
Design Code: 30444.111
Metal Tile White Gold SKU METAL TILE.1
Metal Tile White Gold
Design Code: METAL TILE.1
Whimsy Sterling SKU 3564.11
Whimsy Sterling
Design Code: 3564.11
Perfect Plains Collection - Kravet
Dublin Sky SKU 32344.1115
Dublin Sky
Design Code: 32344.1115
Barnegat Teal SKU 24573.313
Barnegat Teal
Design Code: 24573.313
Dublin Bamboo SKU 32344.303
Dublin Bamboo
Design Code: 32344.303
Watermill Lichen SKU 30421.23
Watermill Lichen
Design Code: 30421.23
Barnegat Cabbage SKU 24573.303
Barnegat Cabbage
Design Code: 24573.303
Barnegat Spring SKU 24573.1123
Barnegat Spring
Design Code: 24573.1123
Barnegat Appletini SKU 24573.33
Barnegat Appletini
Design Code: 24573.33
Dublin Shell SKU 32344.112
Dublin Shell
Design Code: 32344.112
Dublin Pink SKU 32344.17
Dublin Pink
Design Code: 32344.17
Watermill Pottery SKU 30421.717
Watermill Pottery
Design Code: 30421.717
Watermill Russet SKU 30421.12
Watermill Russet
Design Code: 30421.12
Dublin Haze SKU 32344.1010
Dublin Haze
Design Code: 32344.1010
Barnegat Amethyst SKU 24573.1010
Barnegat Amethyst
Design Code: 24573.1010
Watermill Mist SKU 30421.110
Watermill Mist
Design Code: 30421.110
Dublin Violet SKU 32344.10
Dublin Violet
Design Code: 32344.10
Barnegat Orange SKU 24573.112
Barnegat Orange
Design Code: 24573.112
Barnegat Mustard SKU 24573.414
Barnegat Mustard
Design Code: 24573.414
Dublin Dune SKU 32344.404
Dublin Dune
Design Code: 32344.404
Watermill Lemon SKU 30421.14
Watermill Lemon
Design Code: 30421.14
Dublin Butter SKU 32344.14
Dublin Butter
Design Code: 32344.14
Watermill Gold SKU 30421.4
Watermill Gold
Design Code: 30421.4
Watermill Blaze SKU 30421.19
Watermill Blaze
Design Code: 30421.19
Barnegat Pink SKU 24573.17
Barnegat Pink
Design Code: 24573.17
Dublin Rose SKU 32344.717
Dublin Rose
Design Code: 32344.717
Barnegat Baby SKU 24573.15
Barnegat Baby
Design Code: 24573.15
Barnegat Denim SKU 24573.505
Barnegat Denim
Design Code: 24573.505
Watermill Sky SKU 30421.115
Watermill Sky
Design Code: 30421.115
Watermill Denim SKU 30421.515
Watermill Denim
Design Code: 30421.515