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Sarah Richardson


This collection is part of Kravet’s faux leather program with new cleanable technology, featuring five beautiful patterns all offered at value price points. Available in a full range of colors, these wonderfully diverse leatherettes are ideal for upholstery and headboards.

Kravet - Sarah Richardson
Brookhaven Celadon SKU BROOKHAVEN.323
Brookhaven Celadon
Design Code: BROOKHAVEN.323
Walmsley Sprout SKU WALMSLEY.315
Walmsley Sprout
Design Code: WALMSLEY.315
Yorkville Celadon SKU YORKVILLE.530
Yorkville Celadon
Design Code: YORKVILLE.530
Kravet - Sarah Richardson
Denman Clay SKU 33008.12
Denman Clay
Design Code: 33008.12
Ennismore Sterling SKU ENNISMORE.11
Ennismore Sterling
Design Code: ENNISMORE.11
Kravet - Sarah Richardson
Cottingham Coral SKU COTTINGHAM.12
Cottingham Coral
Design Code: COTTINGHAM.12
Woodlawn Stone SKU WOODLAWN.11
Fabric: Woodlawn Stone
Design Code: WOODLAWN.11
Trim: Denman Clay
Design Code: 33008.12
Highpoint Coral SKU HIGHPOINT.12
Highpoint Coral
Design Code: HIGHPOINT.12
Poetry Platinum SKU 31879.11
Poetry Platinum
Design Code: 31879.11