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Barclay Butera’s Retreat and Bungalow


Designer Barclay Butera is best known for design projects that are quintessentially all-American with a West Coast twist. Butera’s high-style prints for Retreat feature a washed, easy palette of soft, calm neutrals; perfect for creating a relaxing calming environment. Bungalow offers a whimsical-chic mix of explosive colors, ultra-modern fresh and fun. The prints, weaves, linens and solids all reflect Butera’s casual elegant style; aspirational yet attainable and always thoroughly inviting.

Kravet - Barclay Butera
Laxmi Stripe Halcyon SKU 32906.635
Laxmi Stripe Halcyon
Design Code: 32906.635
Rufiji Sesame SKU 30357.416
Rufiji Sesame
Design Code: 30357.416
Seta Sandstone SKU 30328.16
Seta Sandstone
Design Code: 30328.16
Bangla Damask Straw SKU 3816.616
Bangla Damask Straw
Design Code: 3816.616