How can I buy GP & J Baker group products?

GP & J Baker is a trade company and you can buy our products through selected retailers and interior designers. Please visit the ‘Where to Buy’ section for a list of UK stockists and contact details of our international agents and distributors.

How do I order a sample?

We supply cuttings of all our products for colour and texture.  If, however, a larger piece is required to view the pattern we can supply returnable samples. Please contact your local stockist who will be able to advise you.

How do I find out prices?

Please contact your local stockist who will be able to provide you with a recommended retail price. The stockist list can be found in the ‘Where to Buy’ section of our website.

How do I apply for a trade account?

If you are an interior design professional or retailer based in the UK including Northern Ireland please download the trade application form which can be found in the trade section of the website.

If you are an overseas professional please contact the relevant agent or distributor listed under ‘Where to Buy’.

What is a pattern repeat?

All patterned fabric and wallpaper has a vertical repeat. When joining widths of patterned fabric or wallpaper you will need to allow extra to pattern match.  Normally a vertical repeat allows you to match the pattern straight across the piece of the fabric to the next piece at the same place because it will be positioned at the same place at each selvage.

What is a half drop repeat?

This is where every other horizontal repeat is dropped down one half of its length i.e the design repeats itself on the diagonal rather than the horizontal.   As it will not match from selvage to selvage you will need to add a repeat and a half to your calculation in order to match each piece of fabric.

What does railroaded mean?

This means the pattern is run across the width of the fabric rather than vertically up the roll. The width of the fabric is then used for the drop of the curtain or alternatively run along the width of a sofa, therefore incurring no seams.  It is for this reason that many sheers and upholstery stripes are railroaded.

What is a Martindale Rub Test?

The Martindale test is an abrasion test to measure the durability of the fabric. We use this as a guide when we grade the fabrics for upholstery use.

What are the upholstery grades?

We use the following grades to help you determine the usage of our upholstery fabrics:

Occasional Domestic: Fabrics which are traditionally used for their aesthetic appeal but will not meet all the standards required for careful domestic use.

Light Domestic: Light wear, use for simple styles of furniture. Unsuitable for furniture with upholstered arms, self piping or buttoning

General Domestic: General use around the home, all styles of upholstery are suitable.

Severe Domestic: Constant use, items used every day.

General Contract: Hard wearing fabrics suitable for use in the home and are also suitable for a commercial environment i.e. hotel or restaurant.

Severe Contract: Very hard wearing fabric, suitable for use within the commercial environment which will receive a lot of wear.

Does my fabric need to be fire retardant?

All UK fabrics intended for upholstery must meet the UK domestic or contract fire regulations. Each fabric will have a FR code indicating the fire retardancy. If the fabric does not meet the regulated standard then we advise the fabric is used with a fire retardant interliner or it is backcoated. There are no current fire regulations for curtains, throws or cushions used in a domestic environment.

How do I protect my sofa from general wear and tear?

Ask your sofa manufacturer for arm caps. Wear always shows on the areas with the most contact. Make sure the cushions are turned regularly to minimize the wear and also keep the filling even.

Should I allow extra length to my curtains for atmospheric shrinkage and movement?

Always make allowance for possible shrinkage when making up curtains or loose covers. Be tolerant of normal fluctuations in lengths of curtains.  Few fabrics are completely stable. Fabrics breathe and absorb moisture, resulting in stretching or shrinking. It is reasonable to expect as much as a 3% change in any curtain length. In a 2.5 metre length (98 inches) this would amount to 8 cm (3 inches) up or down under various conditions.

Heavier fabrics, especially those with thicker wefts of cellulosic yarns do react to changing humidity and it should be made clear to the ultimate customer. We strongly recommend hanging such curtains for at least 4 weeks, longer if possible, before finishing the hems. Many top quality curtain makers avoid ‘exact’ length curtains i.e sill or floor touching and this overcome the possibility of problems arising.

What is the average size of wallpaper roll?

Standard European rolls are 10m long and 52cm wide.

USA manufactured rolls are sold in 3 x sizes but always listed and priced by the single roll. The roll sizes are: 1x Single roll = 4.5m 1x Double roll = 9m 1x Triple roll = 13.5m

I have been recommended GP & J Baker wallpaper adhesive. Why should I use it?

This ready mixed adhesive is specially formulated for hanging paper and lightweight fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. The paste is suitable for pasting the wall or pasting the paper application.

It is a high solids, high viscosity blend of starch and polymer, which combines good initial tack with excellent slip characteristics, allowing easy positioning of wallcoverings.   It also contains a fungicide to protect against mold growth and a fire retardant for critical surface spread of flame applications.

Packet self-mix products are not suitable.

What is the coverage of the GP & J Baker wallpaper adhesive?

The coverage is approximately 6 – 8 m² per kg: dependent upon method of application, surface and operator technique.

Return Policy

Please ensure that all goods are inspected before they are cut or made up as once cut they cannot be returned for credit under any circumstances.

No returns can be accepted or credited without the prior agreement of the GP & J Baker Customer Service department. No returns can be accepted after 28 days from the invoice date.

No fabric lengths less than 5 metres will be accepted back and wallpapers can only be returned if there are 5 or more rolls or if the full delivery quantity is returned.

Where returns are agreed the goods will only be credited less a 25% handling charge.

If goods are returned for whatever reason then they can only be delivered back to us via our designated carrier.  To arrange this, please contact the GP & J Baker Customer Service department.

Any unauthorised returns will not be accepted under any circumstances.   They will be returned to The Customer and costs will be charged to their account.

We do not accept wallpaper claims if more than 1 roll has been hung.

Email Privacy Policy

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Why did you receive an email from us?

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How we protect your privacy

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