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Two and a half centuries of textile expertise has shaped this exclusive brand.  Lee Jofa can trace its history back to the early 19th century with the partnership of Johnson and Faulkner (shortened to Jofa fabric) importing fine decorative fabrics to the US including many famous designs that remain with the company today. With its acquisition in 1965 by Arthur H Lee & Sons, famous for ground breaking weaving techniques, an alliance was formed producing fabrics considered to be some of the most luxurious in the world.
Wesport Collection
Caravan in Red SKU 2017101_19
Caravan in Red
Design Code: 2017101.19
Tortuga Bay in Blue/Red 2017107_519
Tortuga Bay in Blue/Red
Design Code: 2017107.519
Grand Tartar in Red/Navy 2017103_950
Grand Tartar in Red/Navy
Design Code: 2017103.950
Kelly Wearstler Collection - Lee Jofa
Feline Lake/Slate SKU GWF-3106.313
Feline Lake/Slate
Design Code: GWF-3106.313
Sonoma Lake SKU GWF-3109.313
Sonoma Lake
Design Code: GWF-3109.313
Agate Lake/Mink SKU GWF-3102.138
Agate Lake/Mink
Design Code: GWF-3102.138
Lee Jofa
Cosimo Crewel Multi SKU 2012156.519
Cosimo Crewel Multi
Design Code: 2012156.519
Pamook Azure/Wine SKU 2012143.509
Fabric: Pamook Azure/Wine
Design Code: 2012143.509
Morning Glory Golden Haze SKU P2013100.40
Morning Glory Golden Haze
Design Code: P2013100.40
Diamond Maze Garnet SKU 2012149.19
Fabric: Diamond Maze Garnet
Design Code: 2012149.19
Marco Polo Wine/Teal SKU 2012144.953
Marco Polo Wine/Teal
Design Code: 2012144.953
Montespan Satin Fuschia SKU 2010114.97
Montespan Satin Fuschia
Design Code: 2010114.97
Catalina Suzani Garnet SKU 2012151.950
Fabric: Catalina Suzani Garnet
Design Code: 2012151.950
Trim: Pencil Line Bordeaux
Design Code: TL10119.9
Montespan Satin Peridot SKU 2010114.33
Montespan Satin Peridot
Design Code: 2010114.33
Kelly Wearstler Collection - Lee Jofa
Channels Ebony/Ivory SKU GWF-3101.816
Channels Ebony/Ivory
Design Code: GWF-3101.816