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These stylish collections of modern statement embroideries, glamorous weaves and a stunning group of individual wallcoverings embrace the Threads philosophy of subtle design and understated luxury. Displaying the exciting diversity of this sophisticated brand are arresting geometrics and flowing sinuous curves embroidered to heavy cotton, linen and jute, some using lustrous metallic yarns to give a sophisticated urban feel.  Variation wallcoverings, with their palette of gentle neutrals, soft reflective surfaces and painterly textures, form a perfect backdrop to the refined elegance of Variation weaves.

Variation Collection - Threads
Variation Indigo SKU ED85239.680
Variation Indigo
Design Code: ED85239.680
Patina Graphite SKU EW15013.970
Patina Graphite
Design Code: EW15013.970
Variation Collection - Threads
Latitude Indigo/Dresden SKU ED85213 -1
Latitude Indigo/Dresden
Design Code: ED85213 -1
Variation Collection - Threads
Cascade Velvet Pewter SKU ED85208.6
Cascade Velvet Pewter
Design Code: ED85208.6
Variation Collection - Threads
Entwined Indigo SKU ED85223.680
Entwined Indigo
Design Code: ED85223.680
Variation Collection - Threads
Pampero Silver SKU ED85214 -925
Pampero Silver
Design Code: ED85214 -925
Latitude Silver/Woodsmoke SKU ED85213 -4
Latitude Silver/Woodsmoke
Design Code: ED85213 -4
Variation Collection - Threads
Kara Indigo SKU ED75014.680
Kara Indigo
Design Code: ED75014.680
Variation Collection - Threads
Flow Silver SKU ED85240.925
Flow Silver
Design Code: ED85240.925
Variation Collection - Threads
Sahara Indigo SKU ED85167.680
Sahara Indigo
Design Code: ED85167.680
Sahara Ivory SKU ED85167.104
Sahara Ivory

Design Code: ED85167.104