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Hunt Slonem


From layers of woven embroidery and rich velvet applique to vibrant colors and remarkable patterns, this collection of fabric mimics the signature crosshatch painting technique and repetition of tropical birds, exotic butterflies, and striking plant life that beautifully embodies the essence of Hunt Slonem’s signature paintings.

Hunt Slonem Collection - Lee Jofa
Hutch Print Black SKU GWF-3523.8
Hutch Print Black
Design Code: GWF-3523.8
Bayou Casino Cobalt/Citrus SKU GWF-3407.522
Bayou Casino Cobalt/Citrus
Design Code: GWF-3407.522
Guardians Pea SKU GWF-3403.23
Guardians Pea
Design Code: GWF-3403.23
Star of India Multi SKU GWF-3400.437
Star of India Multi
Design Code: GWF-3400.437
Guardians Orange SKU GWF-3403.12
Guardians Orange
Design Code: GWF-3403.12
Catelayas 2 Pink/Yellow SKU GWF-3406.740
Catelayas 2 Pink/Yellow
Design Code: GWF-3406.740
Guardians Cobalt SKU GWF-3403.50
Guardians Cobalt
Design Code: GWF-3403.50
Fritillery Multi SKU GWF-3402.953
Fritillery Multi
Design Code: GWF-3402.953