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Oscar de la Renta III


With a colorful sense of modern elegance and a nod to fashion, Lee Jofa’s third collection from Oscar de la Renta reflects an eclectic sensibility and the essence of Mr. de la Renta’s style: always distinctive and exceptionally chic. The collection pays homage to Mr. de la Renta’s incredible flair for mixing styles, creating an exclusive collection of sophisticated and timeless fabrics and wallcoverings.

Caravan in Red SKU 2017101_19
Caravan in Red
Design Code: 2017101.19
Tortuga Bay in Blue/Red 2017107_519
Tortuga Bay in Blue/Red
Design Code: 2017107.519
Grand Tartar in Red/Navy 2017103_950
Grand Tartar in Red/Navy
Design Code: 2017103.950
Golconda in Ivory 2017102_101
Golconda in Ivory
Design Code: 2017102.101
Golconda in Platinum 2017102_11
Golconda in Platinum
Design Code: 2017102.11
Golconda in Blue 2017102_15
Golconda in Blue
Design Code: 2017102.15
Golconda in Tobacco 2017102_6
Golconda in Tobacco
Design Code: 2017102.6
Golconda in Palm 2017102_23
Golconda in Palm
Design Code: 2017102.23