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Reflecting the refinement and subtlety of this luxurious brand, the first ever print collection, Meander prints, produced by artisan printers in England, epitomizes contemporary form with graphic motifs and flowing curving silhouettes.  In the same spirit of opulent modernity, Meander Weaves draws together sumptuous silks, superb linens and exceptional embroideries in a calm, relaxed palette of soft, harmonious shades.

Meander Collection - Threads
Meander Granite SKU ED75009.7
Meander Granite
Design Code: ED75009.7
Meander Collection - Threads
Zenith Reverse Sea Foam SKU ED75005-3
Zenith Reverse Sea Foam
Design Code: ED75005-3
Meander Collection - Threads
Taplow Indigo SKU ED75010.5
Taplow Indigo
Design Code: ED75010.5
Meander Collection - Threads
Razzle-Dazzle Cream SKU ED85035.120
Razzle-Dazzle Cream
Design Code: ED85035.120
Lyrical Grey SKU ED85198-930
Lyrical Grey
Design Code: ED85198-930
Zenith Reverse Dove SKU ED75005.1
Zenith Reverse Dove
Design Code: ED75005.1
Meander Collection - Threads
Taplow Sesame SKU ED75010-1
Taplow Sesame
Design Code: ED75010-1
Ava Parchment SKU ED85015-230
Ava Parchment
Design Code: ED85015-230