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Country Weekend


This exceptional collection of original and whimsical prints, stunning hand finished embroideries and gorgeous tactile weaves defines the unique English heritage of Mulberry Home. The addition of three great Mulberry classics, “Floral Bouquet”,  “Floral Rococo” and “Ancient Tartan” emphasizes the relevance of these outstanding fabrics to the modern interior. Complementing these wonderful prints and embroideries are a range of enduringly beautiful linens in a harmonizing colour palette.

Mulberry Home - Country Weekend
Flying Ducks Velvet Camel SKU FD258-L102
Flying Ducks Velvet Camel
Design Code: FD258-L102
Mulberry Home - Country Weekend
Fox Hollow Antique SKU FD261-J52
Fox Hollow Antique
Design Code: FD261-J52
Heirloom Paisley Damson SKU FD260-H35
Heirloom Paisley Damson
Design Code: FD260-H35
Mulberry Home - Country Weekend
Heirloom Paisley Aqua/Leaf SKU FD260-R124
Heirloom Paisley Aqua/Leaf
Design Code: FD260-R124
Weekend Linen SKU J0337-760
Weekend Linen
Design Code: J0337-760
Skye Plaid Soft  Aquas/Blue FD529-R14
Skye Plaid Soft Aquas/Blue
Design Code: FD529-R14
Stone Wall Teal SKU FD678-R11
Stone Wall Teal
Design Code: FD678-R11
Glendale Teal/Leaf SKU FD259-R38
Glendale Teal/Leaf
Design Code: FD259-R38
Haslam Leaf FD665-S29
Haslam Leaf
Design Code: FD665-S29
Mulberry Home - Country Weekend
Constantine Silk Linen Paprika/Red SKU FD690-V148
Constantine Silk Linen Paprika/Red
Design Code: FD690-V148
Delemere Paprika SKU FD664-v106
Delemere Paprika
Design Code: FD664-146
Floral Bouquet Cream/R SKU FD206.J59
Floral Bouquet Cream/R
Design Code: FD206-J59
Mulberry Home - Country Weekend
Glendale Red/Blue SKU  FD259-V110
Glendale Red/Blue
Design Code: FD259-V110
Dapple Velvet Sienna SKU FD695-M30
Dapple Velvet Sienna
Design Code: FD695-M30
Dapple Velvet Indigo SKU FD695-H10
Dapple Velvet Indigo
Design Code: FD695-H10
Haslam Teal SKU FD665_R11
Haslam Teal
Design Code: FD665-R11
Dapple Velvet Ruby SKU FD695-V88
Dapple Velvet Ruby
Design Code: FD695-V88
Mulberry Home Country Weekend Collection
Dapple Velvet  Paprika SKU  FD695-V146
Top Fabric: Dapple Velvet Paprika
Design Code: FD695-V146
Bottom Fabric: Weekend Linen Caramel
Design Code: FD698-L105
Weekend Linen Caramel SKU FD698-L105
Top Fabric: Weekend Linen
Design Code: FD698-L105
Bottom Fabric: Dapple Velvet Antique
Design Code: FD695-J52
Dapple Velvet Stone SKU FD695-K102
Top Fabric: Dapple Velvet Stone
Design Code:FD695-K102
Bottom Fabric: Dapple Velvet Ebony
Design Code: FD695-A2
Weekend Linen Marine Blue SKU FD698-H103
Top Fabric: Weekend Linen Marine Blue
Design Code: FD698-H103
Bottom Fabric: Dapple Velvet Indigo
Design Code: FD695-H10
Dapple Velvet SKU Oatmeal FD695-K70
Top Fabric: Dapple Velvet Oatmeal
Design Code: FD695-K70

Dapple Velvet Teal SKU FD695-R11
Dapple Velvet Teal
Design Code: FD695-R11
Dapple Velvet Stone SKU FD695-K102
Dapple Velvet Stone
Design Code:FD695-K102
Weekend Linen Mauve SKU FD698-H45
Top Fabric: Weekend Line Mauve
Design Cope: FD698-H45
Bottom Fabric: Dapple Velvet Damson
Design Code: FD695-H35
Weekend Linen Paprika SKU FD698-V146
Weekend Linen Paprika
Design Code: FD698-V146
Dapple Velvet Aqua SKU FD695-R104
Dapple Velvet Aqua
Design Code: FD695-R104
Dapple Velvet Ruby SKU FD695-V88
Dapple Velvet Ruby
Design Code: FD695-V88
Mulberry Home Country Weekend Collection
Misty Paisley Red/Oli SKU FD567-V74
Misty Paisley Red/Oli
Design Code: FD567-V74
Twelve Bar Stripe Sand Rose SKU FD614-N107
Twelve Bar Stripe Sand Rose
Design Code: FD614-N107
London Check Ginger SKU FD542-U106
London Check Ginger
Design Code: FD542-U106
Shetland Plaid Lovat SKU FD344-R106
Shetland Plaid Lovat
Design Code: FD344-R106
Crescendo Damask Red/Blue/Green SKU FD615-V132
Crescendo Damask Red/Blue/Green
Design Code: FD615-V132
Mulberry Home - Country Weekend
Floral Rococo Taupe SKU FD101!523-N101
Floral Rococo Taupe
Design Code: FD101/523-N101
Weekend Linen Muave SKU FD698-H45
Weekend Linen Muave
Design Code: FD698-H45
Vintage Floral Pink/Green/Stone SKU FD264-W121
Vintage Floral Pink/Green/Stone
Design Code: FD264-W121