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Bohemian Wallpaper


These stunning collections from Mulberry Home just brim with sophisticated Bohemian style.  The gorgeous colours and designs of “Bohemian Romance”, together with books of superb printed velvets, sensual chenilles, relaxed informal weaves and soft, subtle Scottish wools combine to produce original, sensational interiors. Reflecting this exotic mood is a collection of unique and distinctive wallpapers represent the ultimate in Bohemian charm, creating a spirit of real individuality.

Mulberry Home -  Bohemian Wallpaper
Mulberry China Indigo SKU FG080-H10
Mulberry China Indigo
Design Code: FG080-H10
Festival Stripe Embroidery  Indigo FD280-H10
Fabric: Festival Stripe Embroidery Indigo
Design Code: FD280-H10
Trim: Drummond Fringe Natural
Design Code: T30624-K101
Wild Geese Linen  Indigo FD287-H10
Wild Geese Linen Indigo
Design Code: FD287-H10
Mulberry Home -  Bohemian Wallpaper
Mulberry China Multi SKU FG080-Y101
Mulberry China Multi
Design Code: FG080-Y101
Mulberry China Silver/Taupe FG080-J80
Mulberry China Silver/Taupe
Design Code: FG080-J80
Mulberry China Spice/Plum FG080-V54
Mulberry China Spice/Plum
Design Code: FG080-V54
Mulberry Home -  Bohemian Wallpaper
Bohemian Travels Parchment FG077-J107
Bohemian Travels Parchment
Design Code: FG077-J107
Bohemian Travels Silver FG077-J125
Bohemian Travels Silver
Design Code: FG077-J125
Bohemian Travels Multi FG078-Y101
Bohemian Travels Multi
Design Code: FG078-Y101
Bohemian Travels Indigo FG077-H10
Bohemian Travels Indigo
Design Code: FG077-H10
Mulberry Home -  Bohemian Wallpaper
Torridon Red/Sand FG076-V92
Torridon Red/Sand
Design Code: FG076-V92
Torridon Silver/Grey FD076-J125
Torridon Silver/Grey
Design Code: FD076-J125
Torridon Charcoal FG076-A101
Torridon Charcoal
Design Code: FG076-A101
Mulberry Home -  Bohemian Wallpaper
Lomond Red/Plum FG082-V54
Lomond Red/Plum
Design Code: FG082-V54
Lomond Multi FG082-Y101
Lomond Multi
Design Code: FG082-Y101
Lomond Silver/Taupe FG082-J80
Lomond Silver/Taupe
Design Code: FG082-J80
Mulberry Home -  Bohemian Wallpaper
Mulberry Ancient Tartan Ivory/Dove
Mulberry Ancient Tartan Ivory/Dove
Design Code: FG079-J102
Mulberry Ancient Tartan Spice FG079-T30
Mulberry Ancient Tartan Spice
Design Code: FG079-T30
Mulberry Ancient Tartan Mulberry Tartan SKU FG079-Y107
Mulberry Ancient Tartan Mulberry Tartan
Design Code: FG079-Y107
Mulberry Ancient Tartan Red/Charcoal
Mulberry Ancient Tartan Red/Charcoal
Design Code: FG079-V78