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Distinctive and diverse, the “Langdale” collection includes gorgeous embroideries that pay homage to the intricate stitch work used within this traditional art. A range of textural upholstery velvets together with opulent, plain velvets in shimmering jewel-like colours add a luxurious dimension. In contrast, two relaxed and extremely versatile linens harmonise effortlessly with every design in the collection.

GP & J Baker - Langdale
Botanical Garden Fig SKU BF10565-3
Botanical Garden Fig
Design Code: BF10565-3
Langdale Collection - GP & J Baker
Langdale Velvet Mink SKU BF10553-285
Langdale Velvet Mink
Design Code: BF10553-285
Langdale Velvet Claret SKU BF10553-490
Langdale Velvet Claret
Design Code: BF10553-490
Langdale Velvet Burnt Orange SKU BF10553-360
Langdale Velvet Burnt Orange
Design Code: BF10553-360
Langdale Velvet Coral SKU BF10553-310
Langdale Velvet Coral
Design Code: BF10553-310
Langdale Velvet Copper SKU BF10553-355
Langdale Velvet Copper
Design Code: BF10553-355
Langdale Velvet Dark Brown SKU BF10553-270
Langdale Velvet Dark Brown
Design Code: BF10553-270
Langdale Velvet Sand SKU BF10553-130
Langdale Velvet Sand
Design Code: BF10553-130
Langdale Velvet Ivory SKU BF10553-104
Langdale Velvet Ivory
Design Code: BF10553-104
GP & J Baker - Langdale
Sidonie Teal/Green SKU BF10564-2
Sidonie Teal/Green
Design Code: BF10564-2
Langdale Collection - GP & J Baker
Derwent Linen SKU BF10535-110
Derwent Indigo
Design Code: BF10535-110
Derwent Indigo SKU BF10535-680
Derwent Indigo
Design Code: BF10535-680
Derwent Pale Aqua SKU BF10535-715
Derwent Pale Aqua
Design Code: BF10535-715
Derwent Natural SKU BF10535-105
Derwent Natural
Design Code: BF10535-105
Langdale Collection - GP & J Baker
Sawley Velvet Sienna/Teal SKU BF10541-3
Sawley Velvet Sienna/Teal
Design Code: BF10541-3
Sawley Velvet Grey/Multi SKU BF10541-2
Sawley Velvet Grey/Multi
Design Code: BF10541-2
Sawley Velvet Indigo/Teal SKU BF10541-1
Sawley Velvet Indigo/Teal
Design Code: BF10541-1
Sutton Velvet Pewter SKU BF10548-945
Sutton Velvet Pewter
Design Code: BF10548-945
Sutton Velvet Coral SKU BF10548-310
Sutton Velvet Coral
Design Code: BF10548-310
Sutton Velvet Corn SKU BF10548-150
Sutton Velvet Corn
Design Code: BF10548-150
GP & J Baker - Langdale
Calthorpe Indigo SKU BF10531-1
Calthorpe Indigo
Design Code: BF10531-1
Langdale Collection - GP & J Baker
Sackville Dusky Rose SKU BF10547-405
Sackville Dusky Rose
Design Code: BF10547-405
Sackville Sand SKU BF10547-130
Sackville Sand
Design Code:BF10547-130
GP & J Baker - Langdale
Cottesmore Teal SKU BF10536-615
Cottesmore Teal
Design Code: BF10536-615
Cottesmore Indigo SKU BF10536-680
Cottesmore Indigo
Design Code: BF10536-680
Cottesmore Pale Aqua SKU BF10536-715
Cottesmore Pale Aqua
Design Code: BF10536-715
Cottesmore Silver SKU BF10536-925
Cottesmore Silver
Design Code: BF10536-925
Cottesmore Linen SKU BF10536-110
Cottesmore Linen
Design Code: BF10536-110