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Langdale Wallpaper


“Langdale” wallpapers feature optical plains and patterns, elegant florals and Chinoiserie arborescent designs as well as a depiction of majestic animals from the African Savannah.

GP & J Baker - Langdale Wallpaper
Kenwood Parchment SKU BF10477-225
Kenwood Parchment
Design Code: BF10477-225
Edo Stone/Bronze SKU BW45073-2
Edo Stone/Bronze
Design Code: BW45073-2
GP & J Baker - Langdale Wallpaper
Chobe Verdigris SKU BW45069-3
Chobe Verdigris
Design Code: BW45069-3
GP & J Baker - Langdale Wallpaper
Lilac Blossom Willow/Rose SKU BW45072-2
Lilac Blossom Willow/Rose
Design Code: BW45072-2
GP & J Baker - Langdale Wallpaper
Peony & Blossom Dove/Silver SKU BW45066-1
Peony & Blossom Dove/Silver
Design Code: BW45066-1
Langdale Trellis Stone SKU BW45071-2
Langdale Trellis Stone
Design Code: BW45071-2
GP & J Baker - Langdale Wallpaper
Waters Edge Teal/Amber SKU BW45070-4
Waters Edge Teal/Amber
Design Code: BW45070-4
Langdale Trellis Aqua SKU BW45071-3
Langdale Trellis Aqua
Design Code: BW45071-3